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About Customer Xperts .

We enable companies to work remotely

About the Company

Customer Xperts is a Canadian IT consulting company with more than 20 years of experience. We help businesses increase productivity and reduce operational costs using Microsoft Cloud technologies.

Our experienced consultants have helped more than 200 companies from Canada, US, and Latin America transforming their businesses with the right IT solutions connecting business areas, information, people, and processes.

We take the time to understand your goals and business objectives and work with you to develop your IT strategy, to apply our business knowledge and technical expertise to design, implement and manage your cloud services.

Business Strategy Focused

We dedicate ourselves to help companies envision and land their IT strategy to enhance operations and meet their strategic goals.

We deliver!

We go beyond expectations to deliver real value by bringing the right solutions to our customers


Our Mission

Our mission is to transform companies’ workforce and culture to connect people, processes and data to deliver the best customer experience, increase productivity, and grow.

Meet Our Team

Guillermo de Vivero
Develpoment Lead

Experienced Systems Integrator with over 17 years of working in the technology and aerospace industry.

Jairo Orozco
Service Lead

Senior Project Management Professional with more than 18 years managing projects in different industries.

Anuar Nazzar
Consulting Team Lead

Senior Customer Experience consultant with more than 20 years of experience helping companies to transform their business with the right use of technology.

Nathalie Caceres
Digital Marketing Lead

Digital and brand Communication Leader, Lead communication strategy on digital assets with consumer centric and holistic content, and any digital communication medium.

We’ve digitally transformed over 200 businesses

in Canada, US, and Latinamerica